Waiterock Pet Ranch
18 South Acres Road
Lafayette, CA 94549
925-284-4782  fax

Dog Grooming

We currently offer the following services for dogs  staying with us

Pawdicures  ( nail clipper or dremel )  for cats, too!
Medicated shampoos available
Skunk Treatments (for your dog, not the skunk)

We feature the HYDROSURGE BATHING SYSTEM!  This pressurizes the water and recirculates warm sudsy water which is applied to your dog with a massaging shower head.  They love it!  This is virtually a water massage system for dogs.  It lifts all the dander and scaly stuff off your dog's skin and helps loosen shedding hair.   Our shampoos are especially designed to use with this system and are gentle enough to be used twice a month without degrading the effectiveness of your dog's flea preventative. Please schedule before you check in, we fill quickly.  At this time we do not offer haircuts, nor do we offer grooming services to non-boarding clients.

Rabies every 3 years
DHPP every 3-5 years
Bordetella every 6 months.

The warm moist environment of any styling salon, whether human or pet, is the perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.  If your current grooming salon doesn't ask about vaccines,
that is all the more reason to make sure that YOUR pet is protected. 
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