Waiterock Pet Ranch
18 South Acres Road
Lafayette, CA 94549
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Q:  There are some breeds and breed mixes you will not take?!?  This is racist!

A:  Our policies are not based on what we hear in the news, but rather on extensive experience here on premises with certain breeds and breed mixes.  Over the years we have had many incidents of dogs chasing, charging and biting our staff.  One woman was nearly killed by a dog who went for her throat in our exercise yard and was in full cardiac arrest when the emergency crew arrived. Another employee had to have a series of reconstructive surgeries to her face.  We all bear scars from being bitten.  As such, the owners of the Ranch, at the request of our insurance company, are unable to take breeds and breed mixes that have proven to be a problem. We have no doubt that these can be loving family dogs with you in your home.  We will not take a dog that poses a potential danger to our staff or to other pets in our care.  Akitas, Chows, Pit Bulls and other bully breeds,  Rottweillers, German Shephards and Malinois, Doberman, Husky, Wolf Hybrids, Ridgebacks, among others.

Q:  Why are you closed for lunch?
A:  We conducted an in office survey during August 2013 about extending our office hours and closing for lunch.  Of the more than 100 responses, all were happy about an extra hour at the start and end of the day and only one wanted things to stay the same.  Continuity of care means safer care and it is best for the same people to care for your pet all day long so as to more easily detect changes in behavior or eating, etc. 

Q:  Other facilities have "cage-free" boarding where the dogs all sleep in the same room together and where they are all outdoors all day long together.  Why don't you offer this service?
A:They do it because it is frightfully expensive to install individual enclosures and if they are in a leased warehouse they wouldn't consider that investment in infrastructure. Consider how difficult it would be to obtain a building permit.  The dogs are all out in the yard together all day because that is a great way to keep a large number of dogs without a high dollar investment.  We do not believe that dogs sleeping out in a yard in the open, under bushes,  is a  safe or restful environment for them.  They can play during our group periods and then go have a nap in the safety and security of their own private enclosure which is not a cage but rather a 100 square foot indoor outdoor space that they don't have to share. 

So,  picture 30 toddlers sleeping in a room together.  Yes, we could put about 50 dogs in each of our exercise yards and have one or two employees out there all day long to watch them and keep order but, frankly, it's not what we're about.   We are here to provide quality, conscientious care. Individual enclosures with periodic playtimes is the gold standard of quality care.

Q: Are you able to accommodate special physical needs?
A:  It is not our intent to provide veterinary boarding.  Having said that, it is amazing how many clients arrive with dog's leg in a cast, cone (e-collar) on their neck because of stitches, etc, or with bags of meds for cancer, insulin, etc.   All medical conditions and medications need to be disclosed at the time of reservation so that we can determine if we can accommodate.  Should you show up here to check-in with these conditions we may refuse to board your pet or we can accept your pet but subject to additional charges. 

Q:  What are your reservation cancellation policies?
A: Policies are subject to change but generally are 48 hours and 10 days for holidays. Late cancellations are subject to one night charge; no shows will be charged 2 days.  If you want to change your reservation you must do so prior to the change date or you will be charged for all days reserved.
Q:  Why don't you take large dogs?
A:  Too large for the kennels and can't get out of the guillotine doors.  More importantly, the owner insists on handling every dog in our care and must be able to get the dog into the car in the middle of the night should a medical issue arise. 
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