Waiterock Pet Ranch
18 South Acres Road
Lafayette, CA 94549
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Our Qualifications

Activity is very important to the health and well being of your pet and we offer activity packages to keep your pet exercised, happy and engaged.  Basic care, without the addition of an activity package,  is occasionally available.  Please speak with our reservation desk.

Call us today to find out what is uniquely included in our amazing standard, comfy, secure care
and why leading veterinarians recommend our facility above other providers.  Rates are subject to change based on season and availability. As an example, we find we must charge a few dollars more during our extremely busy seasons to cover our overtime labor expense. 

There are other things in addition to price that are important to consider when choosing where to leave your pet, including
  • Reliability:  We have a reliable and well trained staff to care for your pets.  We are always here 365 days, 24/7.    A friend or neighbor may care for your pet occasionally, but they may have a family emergency, sickness, or other situations arise where they may not be able to fulfill their promise to care for your pet.  Every year, and especially during the summer and holidays, we receive numerous phone calls at the last minute from pet owners whose petsitter has cancelled on them. We also receive a surprising number of phone calls from pet checkers who are unable to continue caring for the pet trusted to their care.   We are a full time pet care business and we will not let you down.
  • Safe and Conscientious Care:  You'll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is well cared for in a clean, caring and secure environment.  We continually invest in training, equipment and protocols to keep our facility clean and safe.  This includes secure fencing, ventilation, heating and air conditioning, lighting and security cameras.
  • Wellness Checks: Such checks are performed throughout the day and all pets are monitored by our team.  This is another reason we are so highly recommended by area veterinarians; we will work closely with you and your vet to resolve any health issues that may come to light while your pet is in our care.  For example, you may live in a home on a large lot and have no way of noticing that your pet may have a bladder infection: we will notice it and contact you and your veterinarian immediately and start treatment so that your pet is on the road to recovery at check-out!
  • Professional Care:  Our staff are trained professional pet care providers. These are the people that care for your pets year round. Throughout the year and during our busy seasons these are the people who care for your pet and often that involves a lot of overtime.  For the safety and security of your pet we do not add untrained, uncommitted people to our staff during the holidays to handle the extra workload.  Our staff is meticulous and believes there is only one way to do the job: the right way!
  • Licensed Business: Pet care is not our hobby but our career and passion. We are committed to and follow all state and local requirements and are a part of the local business community.   We are legally operating, licensed and insured professionals.  We have been here in Lafayette since the 1930's and intend to be here another 80 years. This is in stark contrast to in-home pet sitters who are not, who are operating without a permit and without training and insurance, and who may have more than the number of pets legally allowed in their home.
  • Activities:  For many years we followed the traditional model of kennel pet care; this was to put your pet in an enclosure, feed twice a day and provide a turn in the exercise yard. We did a great job of it.  However, this business has evolved to the point where activities have become a focal point.  Activities  allow you to customize your pet's experience because you know what is best for your pet!  Our facility also gives dogs the opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs SAFELY. 
  • Availability?:  As the leading pet care provider in the area Waiterock Pet Ranch often has limited availability and especially so during summers and anytime the kids are out of school!  Please call and speak with one of our helpful receptionists to arrange for pet care and customize an activity package for your pet. 
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