Waiterock Pet Ranch
18 South Acres Road
Lafayette, CA 94549
925-284-4782  fax

Dog Lodging

We don't use cages or crates, instead we provide full size indoor/outdoor suites that are climate controlled inside for your pet's comfort and well-being.  Only pets from the same household are allowed to share suits.

We provide bedding!  We provide fluffy microfiber blankets that are washed daily.  Your dog will not sleep on a concrete floor!  All of our indoor dog areas are built up off the building floor, and the  floor of the pet enclosure is a thick sheet of Kydex plastic: just like a tray table in an airplane.  We occasionally lose or misplace things and are not responsible for lost items so if it's valuable or important please leave it at home.

Our daily room rate includes food! Mealtimes are twice a day, three times for babies and seniors as needed, morning and evening, and consist of our high quality Fromm Family premium dog food.  We have the Fromm Gold and their grain free Salmon Tunalini. Fromm is 100% domestically sourced. There is no additional charge to feed our food.

If you bring kibble from home we are happy to feed it for no additional charge..   We ask that you prepackage it into individual servings, date it and mark it AM/PM. Please bring enough for the stay plus a couple of extra meals.  If you do not bag it we will do so for you and add a $10 charge.

If your pet is on a special diet to manage a special health concern, or is a puppy or senior, it is best that you bring your own food to minimize upset tummies.
We also offer a variety of between meal snacks and treats.  For example, we make frozen yogurt in our kitchens for the summer and mashed potato meat poppers throughout the year.

Our doggy rates include:
Large footage private enclosure with outside patio area for fresh air and self-serve potty breaks
One 60 minute supervised group playtime (based on size and activity level) or solo playtime. IF your dog needs solo playtime there will be an additional charge of $10 per day.
Bed and linens provided and changed/washed daily.
Turn down service, around 10PM, with a bedtime treat.
NO additional charge for a couple of meds, otherwise $3 daily.
Heated and air-conditioned buildings
Owner on premises; someone is ALWAYS here.
Multiple pet discounts may be available seasonally if staying together in the same enclosure.
Additional Solo or Group Playtimes are $5 each
Small/Medium less than 40 pounds.  We generally don't board dogs over 60-70 pounds but can make exceptions based on temperament.
Small/Medium dogs $40 per day
Large dogs $45
High season add $5 to daily rate June 1 through October 1
Holiday rates ad $10 to daily rate
Multiple Pet Discounts available
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